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With extensive experience working with perforated metal products, Beatenwootz is an expert in perforated metal facades. Working with global leading perforated metal suppliers, Beatenwootz is able to offer a wide range of perforated metal patterns.

Many of Beatenwootz proprietary facade systems can incorporate perforated aluminium infills, allowing Beatenwootz to provide a wide range of framing options, most with concealed fixings. In addition, Beatenwootz can design and engineer a custom facade system, incorporating perforated metal, to suit the client's application and requirements.


Expanded metal ceilings are available with a wide range of surface finishes, creating a unique look. Options include open cell or closed panels and a large range of mesh designs. Expanded metal ceilings are flexible and easy to dismount for access and maintenance work. They are available in lay-in, hook-on, swing-down or drop-and-slide versions, with slim frame or monolithic appearance.


Expanded mesh balcony railings can be made from copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass or galvanised steel. Panels are available with a choice of finishes and patterns. Balcony railings and infill panels are made to client requirements.

Used to provide security to parking garages, garden, sports area, farming place, electrical HVAC rooms, openings where small animals or children may try to gain access to a secure area.

Used to create a safety and security barrier Encourages clear site lines while providing protection Different fitting options available, including coverstaps and u-edging for site specific applications


A beautifully styled aluminium sunshade can transform an ordinary building into a modern, eye-catching structure. Perfection Architectural Systems sunshades offer an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing aspect to your building. Buildings with sunshades not only have more curb-appeal, but they also help lower operating expenses. Energy bills are lowered because sunshades decrease solar absorption by redirecting and deflecting sunlight away from windows, making the inside of the building a more moderate temperature. Not only do sunshades add value and aesthetics to buildings for clients, but they also can improve employee productivity and satisfaction by providing a more comfortable working environment.

Expanded Metal Features

  • Architectural Fa├žade - Interior partitions & barriers
  • Window grills - Building industry
  • Balcony railings - False ceiling
  • Platform & industrial flooring - cab/truck dividers
  • Outdoor furniture - concrete reinforcement
  • Security walls & doors - Drive & sidewalk gates
  • Space dividers - light diffusers
  • Display racks - Machine guards
  • Utility trailers - playground equipment
  • Fencing - Greenhouse
  • Grills
  • Heat treating baskets
  • Walkaway & Stair treads
  • Food Processing equipment
  • Trays
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Containers
  • Metal Grating
  • Screening for fences
  • Interior decorating screen
  • Building industry
  • Conditioning plants
  • Skylight guards
  • sunscreen/sunshade for building
  • rooftop canopy