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About Our Company

Our History

Beaten Wootz maintains a strict industry specific Quality Assurance program combined with the use of Strumis and a comprehensive system guaranteeing 100% traceability of all structural components through all phases of procurement, fabrication, surface prep, transport and erection. Beaten Wootz commitment to quality provides our clients with the confidence to work with us, knowing they won’t be let down. Repeat business is testimony to this commitment.

From Beaten Wootz experience rises the brand Beaten Wootz offering innovative architectural solutions. Expanded Metal and Wire Mesh are used in the recovering of existing buildings or applied in the new ones, adapting the civil and industrial buildings giving them a new “light”, a new “skin” and a new “vitality”. Beaten Wootz Structural helps you succeed by developing innovative steel solutions to the challenges presented by today's complex construction projects. As a high-capacity structural steel fabricator with in-house design engineering, we are uniquely positioned to solve the most difficult design and fabrication issues. Our proactive and integrated approach provides you with a competitive advantage, allowing you to win more projects.

Beaten Wootz Structural is comprised of three fabrication facilities and a structural engineering firm. Our assets are strategically located to better serve your needs. No matter where your project is located or what challenges it brings, Beaten Wootz Structural will provide the optimal solution.